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My 2022 Fall Bucketlist - Minnesota

During the last three years, my experiences were limited to every few months with my husband.

My family and friends moved away, and my husband traveling left me alone in a big house by myself, and while I wanted to have all of these fun seasonal experiences, it just wasn't the same without having someone to share it with.

Traveling with my husband has given me a new life filled with new experiences and this year, during my favorite of all the seasons, I decided to start a Fall Bucket list.

Click on the links below to see the items we've accomplished this year!

My Fall 2022 Bucketlist

Fall Wine Tasting

Eat Apple Pie

See a Scarecrow

Attend a Bonfire

Have Midnight Margaritas (If you know, you know.)

Being in Minnesota for the Fall Season this year,

I wanted to share some of the places and activities that I've accomplished for this year.

Check back in for updates to the list!


Have any fall bucket list items of your own?

Tell us in the comment Below!



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