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Josefina - Wayzata, MN

Josefina is a boutique style Italian restaurant in Wayzata, Minnesota. Owner Daniel del Prado wanted to create an inclusive dining experience where everyone from those celebrating a special occassion, or a casual meal could dine together with friends. Walking distance from the lakefront of Lake Minnetonka, Josefina boasts classic boemian minimalist decor with rattan chairs and windows lined with plants.

But the decor isn't the only thing to rave about, the food is incredible, whether you're visiting for brunch or dinner, there's surely some dishes that you'll have trouble deciding between.

Chris and I have been twice now, once for Brunch, and once for Dinner after our Wine Hop for Paula's Birthday. While I didn't get any photos from our brunch, I thought I would share from our dinner since there were 5 of us and we all ordered something different.

The recommendations in the photos below :

- Lamb Radiatore

- Braised Oxtail Pappardelle

- Smoked Pork Chop

- Crispy Brussel Sprouts

- Creamy Asparagus

- House Made Gelato

- Chocolate Budino with candied walnut, and olive oil gelato

- Strawberry Tiramisu Bianco with marcona and rose

and of course, I finished mine off with some Rishi tea.

Whether you visit Josefina for brunch or dinner, you're sure to enjoy not only some incredible food and atmosphere, but the town of Wayzata itself is reminiscent of a small beach town on the coast. With views of Lake Minnetonka, along a sidewalk of boutique shops, you can end your day with a drive by tour of the incredible mansions along the lake or make a weekend of it by staying nearby at Hotel Landing, and experiencing their Nordic inspired spa Läka.

Love Josefina? Check out their newest restaurant addition, Macanda only 2 minutes down the road.


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