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How It Works

Step 1.  -  Give me a Call, Email, or Text

I'm here to make your life a little easier. You have a bit of telephobia? That's fine.

I cater to YOUR needs.

Whatever it is that makes you more comfortable, that's what we do.

Step 2.  -  Getting to Know You

Our First session is all about getting to know you, and to answer any questions you might have about the process that I haven't already covered.

I'll start by asking you a few questions to create your personal client file, a private and secure area filled with all of the information I'll need to curate your ideal trip.

These questions will include things that will help me figure out your unique travel style, your favorite hotels, memories, and what you DID + DIDN'T like about any of your previous travel, as well as any sort of budget, so that I    can work out a perfect trip that stays within your means.

Step 3.  -  Curating Your Perfect Trip

Hate planning vacation, but love the feeling you finally have when you get there? I totally get it.

The planning process can really make you question whether the trip itself will even be worth it.

Especially, when it comes to places you've never been before. 

Leave it to me and my wide network of insider contacts.

Hands Off Planning, all you have to do is Show Up


Maybe you love planning your vacations! That's great, me too!

That is what makes my services so great, I'm your new Travel Bestie.

You know, the one with all the inside tips + tricks?

The one you can send a quick text to when you're excited about an upcoming trip?

I'm just as excited for you, and I want to make sure you're having the time of your life!

You wouldn't turn down a friend who was trying to make sure the hotel gave you Free Upgrades and Spa Treatments right?

I didn't think so...

Step 4. - Finalizing Your Trip

Once we have planned your perfect trip, I  will send you over a personalized quote that includes the total cost breakdown of Hotels, Rentals, Restaurant Reservations and Tours/Experiences.

Once you've received and approved your trip, I'll send you over a secure link (via email) where you can enter your payment information.

All personal information given is stored in a secure vault, and the information within is only ever shared with ME, as Your Personal Premiere Travel Advisor, as well as the agreed upon vendors included in your quote, for booking purposes.

You can rest assured that this method leaves your personal information safe and secure!


You'll be provided with all of the necessary information needed such as confirmation numbers, addresses etc. 

About a week before your trip, you can rest assured that I    will be reaching out to all necessary points of contact that will be involved in making your trip the best it can be; like the hotel's management team, to assure that your check-in process runs smoothly and that you are guaranteed the Travel Perks that come with booking your trip with me!

If for some reason things aren't going to plan, because sometimes that's life...

Reach out to me and I'll do my best to fix whatever is in need of fixing.

That's what makes me your travel Bestie. 

I     don't just plan your trip and leave you to handle the rest.

If something happens that you need me to intervene, I'm your girl.

(Unless of course it is something I'd have to physically be present for... then please reach out to the proper management, or authority)



Travel Advisors have the power to offer cash-saving benefits from Resort Credits to Free Breakfast, literally putting dollars in your pocket. Not to mention having insider knowledge and networking to ensure you score the perfect place to stay. Combine that with VIP treatment like Complimentary Upgrades, Early Check-In, Late Check-Out, as well as Welcome Amenities personalized to you. 

Travel Advisors can set you up with an all-around better experience on-site, knowing your unique needs- from dietary restrictions to whose birthday you're celebrating- because we know you, and we know that you like rooms with a view and an extra pillow.


Remember that client profile was telling you about?

Your client profile will have ALL of the information needed to curate your ideal trip.

Meaning that all stays booked with me will still continue to accrue your hotel and rental loyalty points so that you keep your loyalty status and keep the points coming so that you can take advantage of those FREE NIGHTS.


Don't have any current loyalty accounts with hotels, airlines, or car rentals?

Don't worry, I'll have you earning your Free Nights and Discounted Rates in no time, just for booking what you were already going to anyway. 

Just ask me how!


Not necessarily, 

The booking process is no more expensive, and can sometimes even be cheaper depending on the agency's relationship with the hotel.

The reason?

Hotels already include Travel Advisor's Commission costs into their rates, meaning that even when you aren't utilizing the expert services, you're still paying for it.

Using a Travel Advisor to book your hotels puts you on the hotel's radar as a VIP Guest, and at Preferred Vendor Properties makes you eligible for Travel Perks!


Additional Planning costs may apply to extended services like Itinerary Planning and/or Additional Reservation Bookings such as Restaurants, Tours, and Experiences. 

Ask me about these Services!


While the total fees will be broken down in your quote, try my best to keep my clients as informed as possible when it comes to deposits, fees, and cancellations. 

Each vendor is different, so while most bookings require a deposit, some cases may require upfront costs, such as All-Inclusives, and some Special Rates.

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