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Science Museum of Minnesota

Chris and I decided to take a trip up to St. Paul for the day to visit the Minnesota Science Museum. Museums and Historical Sites are some of our favorite places to visit when in a new place. Educational experiences are just our cup of tea.

We started our museum experience learning about Minnesota fossils and geology - Animals that lived in the area long ago, such as a large beaver from 1938 that was found in Hidden Falls Park, Minnesota, rocks and minerals from the shores of Lake Superior. The museum also holds fossils, sands, and seashells from around the world. I loved being able to look through all of the drawers in "Sands of The World" to find my favorite places that I've been and the sands from those areas.

Outside of the exhibit is a rooftop patio with some of the best views of downtown St. Paul and the Mississippi. The patio also holds an exhibit where you can go inside of an old tow boat, the Charles E. Climb up to the bridge using the stairs inside.

My favorite Fall View is photo #3.

We moved on into the area of the museum with Dinosaur exhibits, these massive skeletons showing just how large these creatures would have been when they roamed the Earth. Standing next to them really puts it into perspective as to their animal relations.

On the same floor, you can check out the sports exhibit where you can try your best to outrun a Tyrannosaurus rex.

On the other floors were interesting exhibits that showed how things work such as Tornados, Airplanes, Electricity, and Wind Turbines. I loved listening to Chris talk about the Electricity and Wind Turbines as it directly relates to his job. I love learning more and more about what he does at work, but it was so iteresting to see those pieces within a science museum for us to play with for a visual.

Also on this floor were brain games, the kind where you try to disconnect the intertwined pieces. These were so fun to mess with, I want to purchase some just to have for get togethers or game nights.

The next floor was all about the human body, and medical procedures and devices of the past. I didn't get too many photos of this area except a photo of some old pharmacueticals. I was too busy looking at the pieces of human body that were donated to science, a human heart, a brain and spinal cord, thin slices of the entire inside of the human body, where you could see the nerves and lungs, as well as a real egyptian mummy.

There were so many more exhibits worth seeing, but we spent about 2.5 hours doing the few exhibits that we did, and then it was time to eat, so we took a walk around downtown St. Paul for dinner before heading back to Rochester.


The Science Museum of Minnesota is on my Fall Bucket List 2022 under "Leaf Peeping" and "Visit a Museum"

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