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Red Barn Learning Farm

October is coming to an end, and I still have so many Fall Bucket list items to cross off my list, but luckily, our friends, The Matis Family had tickets to Red Barn Learning Farm for a fun filled Fall day!

We arrived to Red Barn Learning Farm, it was a fairly busy day for how windy it was outside, but being MEA (Minnesota Educators Academy) Weekend in Minnesota, everyone was taking advantage of the many experiences available for the weekend.

We turned in our tickets and received our entrance bracelets. Inside the farm was a childrens area where kids could go down a slide into a cornpit, filled with corn kernels, as well as a small area for them to pet guinea pigs and bunny rabbits. Further in you could visit many farm animals, like chickens, geese, goats, turkeys, sheep, llamas, alpacas, miniature horses, a cow, and donkeys. They even have a pony ride area.

We spent time petting the animals, one of my favorites being "Big Jon", a very social Black sheep, who kept following me, and put his nose right to my camera lens.

The Farm also had a large selection of pumpkins and gourds, and while it may not have been a true pumpkin patch, seeing the many different shapes and colors of the pumpkins made for a great pumpkin experience!

Behind the many pumpkins you'd find a jump pad, barnyard basketball, as well as many photo opportunities to commemorate your time at the farm.

Remember the big metal Silo at the beginning of this Blog? Red Barn Learning Farm allows you to see what the inside of one looks like from the safety of the base of the Silo, no horrible fear of falling in from the top.

One of the things I was most excited about, as silly as it may sound to some, was the hayride around the cornfield. I hadn't ever experienced a hayride outside of my family's own tractor. My Dad used to take us out for caroling during the holidays with some of the neighbors when I was little, so I was really looking forward to Fall Hayrides at the Farm!

Thankfully, our Tractor Driver at the Farm was so kind, he even let us take some photos in our ghost attire during downtime between rides. He seemed to get a kick out of it as much as we did.

After we took some photos of our ghostly hayride, we decided to check out their corn maze. This corn maze was taller than us this time, (we had visited Northwoods Orchard corn maze as well).

Of course, you know we had to take some more photos in the corn maze, which you can see below -

Red Barn Learning Farm has so many fun activities all in one place, I recommend that anyone looking for some Fall Farm Fun take a visit to this Farm!


The Red Barn Learning Farm is listed on my Fall Bucket List 2022
Check it Out for more Fall Fun activities in Minnesota!

What has been you favorite fall activity this year?
Let us know in the comments!



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