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Northwoods Orchard - Fall Family Fun!

Northwoods Orchard was established in 1987, starting with their main crop of strawberries for over ten years waiting for the apple trees to mature into the orchard we see today. Northwood Orchard is a well known and long-time member of the Rochester Downtown Farmer's Market where they've marketed their produce directly for over three decades.

This Fall, 2022, marks the transition to an all-around "On-the-Farm Family Adventure" where they worked to create a family fun opportunity including activities including Farm Animals, Group Activities including hayrides, two corn mazes, a pick-your-own apple orchard, as well as fall decorations like pumpkins, corn stalk bundles, and chrysanthamums!

Since Northwoods Orchard had so many Fall activities, and I personally had never been to a corn maze, Chris and I thought a stop at Northwoods was a great, nearby option to check out this fall, being only 15 minutes from downtown Rochester. Luckily, we were able to check out the orchard and go to my first corn maze but unfortunately, the hayrides were not running.

We had a good time, but between the hayrides not being available, and the corn maze being shorter than me, we will likely try a few more farms in the area to try another corn maze, and a hayride to enjoy! But the apple orchard was gorgeous, the the fall decor was plentiful, and I saw they have cider flavored donuts for sale, though I didn't purchase any myself this last time. I'd still recommend for families with little ones, as they have a seperate childrens corn maze, and the kids that were there were loving all the cute farm animals!

For additional fall activities and ideas, check out my Fall 2022 Bucket List!


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