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Ghost Tour - Haunting in Rochester

Happy Day After Halloween, Readers,

Last night we had a chance to tour Rochester's most haunted places via a vintage trolley, Thanks to Rochester Trolley Tours. On the trolley we met Hawk Horvath, a paranormal investigator and tour guide.

Hawk shared with us their recent book, Out Of The Woods, a spiritual awakening from Fundamental Religious Beliefs of a Christian Minister during their time in the Northern Woods of Minnesota. Hawk is also a self proclaimed medium and psychic who provides spiritual consultations for those in need of services.

We started our ghost tour by visiting a nearby Rochester Nursing Home, where we learned of the tradegy of the 1978 Flash Flood that killed five patients. There has been no confirmed hauntings at the nursing home, but the story alone is quite haunting.

We continued the tour to the old Oakwood Cemetery where the well known founder of Mayo Clinic as well as the family are buried. We heard each of their stories, some relating to possible mob crime.

We visited Calvary Cemetery where we learned about the axe murders of David Brom, and visited the gravewside of his 4 victim family members. This story was so bizarre, I ended up looking up the story myself later on. You can read about it further in the attached link.

We were able to roam the grounds at this next cemetery, The State Hospital Cemetery, also known as the Lost Cemetery. There are 2,019 patients who were buried here, their bodies unclaimed by family members or unable to be returned to their loved ones. This cemetery is the only confirmed haunted cemetery by paranormal investogator, Hawk Horvath who personally has come into contact with hauntings in the area.

Hawk shared with us their paranormal gear used regularly by the team. Unfortunately, there was minimal interaction with the gear until one tour member, a teen who who was given the opportunity to walk around the cemetery with the EMF reader, got a very sudden HIGH reading while walking the amongst the headstones that were added in 2016 by volunteers at Remembering with Dignity.

After walking around the lost cemetery, we headed back aboard the trolley where we took a drive past The Khaler hotel. The Khaler hotel is listed in the United States top Haunted Places. It is rumored to be haunted by the former Mayo Clinic patients as the Khaler acted as their surgical suites for a time. There is also talk of the elevator being haunted by Helen Voorhees, a wealthy lady who had previously lost her husband. The rumour with her is that she spent her wealth on horses, during a time known for huge horse races, and that her plan was to turn in a gang for illegal activity. Helen was last seen buying from the Khaler giftshop before she disappeared and it was found several years later that she was murdered by criminals associated with the Chicago Horse Stable owners, Silas Jayne and Richard Bailey.

I plan on returning to the Khaler hotel to check it out myself, especially since my favorite coffee shop in Rochester is attached.

Our last stop was the History Center of Olmstead County, where Hawk told us the story of her prior investigation inside the old farm house and cave. Hawk told us that after their last experience, they don't usually step off the Trolley for this location. The haunting that resides in the farm house on the history center's property is supposedly an Angry German Man who just wants the living to leave him and his home be.

The trolley tour was a great experience during this spooky season, and you can check out their website for additional tour information, as they also provide history tours, holiday tours, and private charters as well.

Chris and I returned last night to Oakwood Cemetery to roam the grounds ourselves, you can see the few pictures we were able to get before dusk. Big thanks to the groundskeeper who allowed us to finish our photos before locking up on Halloween Night.

Visiting a Cemetery is on my Fall Bucket List 2022 under "Pay Our Respects to the Dead", see the bucket list for additional fall fun in Minnesota!


What did you do this Halloween?

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