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Update: The Dalles, Oregon

Hello Readers!

Happy New Year, and Welcome to 2023!

It's been a minute since I've given an official blog update, so I thought I would fill you in on what's happened since we left Rochester.

We headed towards our new location the morning of Thanksgiving 2022, we drove from Rochester, Minnesota, to our first stop, Dickinson, North Dakota. Unfortunately, our holiday was spent driving 9 hours, and a dinner at Cracker Barrel...which wasn't what I remember from my childhood...

Even after the long drive, and the subpar dinner, when we got to the hotel, I was exhausted but couldn't sleep. I was tossing and turning all night stressed thinking that someone would try to attempt to break into our truck. Traveling with our entire life packed up can be scary sometimes, especially when you've experienced vehicle burglary in the past. The sleep I did get, was nightmare filled with a basis of this fear, but luckily, Dickinson, North Dakota isn't a very busy place, and fairly safe.

We woke up, and headed to our next stop, Missoula, Montana - What would be our last stop before our final travel day! This drive was more exciting, gorgeous views of the snow covered mountains and trees, until we finally arrived at our hotel for the night. Chris booked us the Presidential Suite, at the Hilton Garden Inn because it was on sale due to it being the day after Thanksgiving.

After check in, we enjoyed our first real meal since being on the road at The Camino in downtown Missoula - We enjoyed some of their delicious tacos, and margaritas, and finished it off with their churros and Mexican Chocolate Pot De Creme.

Afterward, we headed back to our suit where we were able to enjoy the over sized jet tub in our bathroom to soak and relax after another 9+ hour day.

Missoula left us feeling refreshed and ready for the last day of driving before we made it to Hood River, Oregon. The Birdhouse would be our home base for two weeks, as we were originally scheduled to be in Oregon December 10th, so our original booking in The Dalles wouldn't be available until then.

The Birdhouse was an adorable older home with charm, and walking distance to the local bakery and coffee shop.

We spent our two weeks mostly packed up still since we knew we would be moving so soon after arrival.

You may have noticed that over the last few weeks, I didn't post much, and this was intentional, we were keeping our location on the downlow in order to surprise Chris' mom, Kim. Our first weekend in Hood River, we took a drive up to Seattle for a surprise brunch at Le Coin, that we had planned in secret with Curt, Kim's husband, who was in on the surprise as well.

Chris, unfortunately, had to fly back to the midwest for a few days for a training in Lafayette, Indiana, so during his training I decided to visit my family in Port Townsend for a few days.

Since then, Chris and I have now moved into what will be our home base, in the Dalles for the remainder of this project, which we will share more of in days to come.

If you follow our social media accounts, there have been many post updates about where and what we have been up to, as well as the incredible places we have visited during the holiday season including...

This year, expect a few changes. There will be less blogs than before, but longer, mostly travel updates with overall summaries of our time spent, and a few individual posts from our very favorite places to highlight for our readers. This blog will act as a main base for all things related to our life on the road, and regular highlights of places visited will be posted to our social media accounts.

We would love to hear more from you, please like and comment on social media posts and let us know what it is you'd like to see more of! More about living on the road? More food? Things to do? I want to hear from YOU!



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