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Behind the Scenes of a Traveling Wind Turbine Technician: Challenges and Opportunities

a birdseye view from the top of a wind turbine on a sunny day with clouds

The job of a traveling wind turbine technician is one of the most dynamic and challenging careers in the renewable energy industry. Technicians are responsible for ensuring that wind turbines are installed, operated, and maintained correctly. This involves climbing the turbines, sometimes up to hundreds of feet in height, to perform inspections, repairs, and maintenance on various parts of the turbine, including the blades, gearbox, and generator. They use specialized tools and equipment to diagnose and fix problems, and they follow strict safety procedures to prevent accidents. In addition to maintenance tasks, traveling wind turbine technicians may also be responsible for testing, troubleshooting, and documenting the performance of the turbines. They work closely with other technicians, engineers, and project managers to ensure that wind farms are operating efficiently and effectively.

One of the biggest challenges of working a travel job as a wind turbine technician is trying to balance family and social life while constantly on the move. They are always on the go, traveling from one wind farm to another, sometimes thousands of miles apart from each other, to carry out maintenance and repair work. This constant travel makes it difficult for them to plan events ahead of time, as schedules are usually given to technicians last minute, but the project schedules are often predetermined, requiring us to be on-site for extended periods of time.

Two wind turbines in a dry grassy field with Mount St Helens in the distance

Often, when Chris and I are asked to visit family and friends, they don't understand how difficult it is for those who work in travel based industries, to make happen. We have to factor in the distance we have to travel, the time required to make the trip, and the workload at the job-site, all while balancing out finances for any non-work related travel. This can be further complicated by having multiple important events scheduled close together, making it difficult to prioritize and attend each one. The constant traveling can sometimes also lead to fatigue and burnout, making it even more challenging to manage and plan visits. While it's important to maintain relationships with friends and family, it's also crucial to find a balance and take care of one's mental and physical health amidst the demanding nature of the job.

It is essential to understand that wind turbine technicians have limited vacation time, which they need to relax, and recharge. Therefore, it is crucial for people to realize that traveling wind turbine technicians are not always able to plan around your location and time frame, especially when they are out of town. While we will do our best to be there for the big moments, we also want people to realize that there are multiple people requesting our time, between family members, and friends.

Moreover, it would be great if people could come out and visit the many places where we work. It is a great opportunity to spend quality time together, explore new places, and create memories. It is essential to realize that traveling is a significant part of the job, and we would love to have our families join us on some of these adventures. We have loved being able to utilize this blog to share the places we have been and what we have done and seen, but we would love to share some of these experiences with those we love.

A wind farm, multiple wind turbines within the hills with clouds creeping in

The job of a traveling wind turbine technician is a challenging yet rewarding career in the renewable energy industry. It requires individuals who are passionate, dedicated, and able to work in extreme weather conditions. While it is a thrilling and exciting job, it also comes with its own set of challenges, including the difficulty of planning in advance and spending time with family and friends. It is essential for everyone to understand these challenges and support us in our work, and take the opportunity to visit us in the many places we travel to, instead of insisting that we travel to you.


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