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Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

Cooking and baking is a little more difficult when you're living on the road. The kitchens provided are limited on items, and there's only so much room to haul around kitchen supplies and bulk extras of ingredients. Cooking becomes much simpler, and you learn to minimize what you carry with you.

So while this isn't a recipe, and I didn't make the pumpkin bread from scratch, I wanted to share with you, this excellent Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread that was reccommended to me by my friend Sarah who sent me a piece when I was still working in California.

Chris isnt typically a fan of desserts that don't include chocolate, so I did make modifications by adding Lily's semi-sweet baking chips, which I like because these chocolate chips have no added sugars, which is something we try to avoid as much as possible, but do keep in mind that the Pumpkin Bread Mix itself does still include sugar. I also decided to add crushed pecans to the top as well for a little bit of crunch. Aside from the box of mix itself, like most boxed cake you'll need additional ingredients like Oil, or butter, water, or milk, as well as eggs.

As I said earlier, living in a hotel, you have limited resources in comparison to what you'd have access to in a home; You could store whatever kitchenware or gadgets you could need, but here, I had to purchase a small cake pan, and a baking spatula, and I used a fork to blend the mix since I don't have access to a mixer.

The outcome not so different than if I would have made it myself aside from maybe the sugar content, but for a nice fall treat, this was quick and easy to do given the circumstances. I recommend trying it out if you're looking for something quick and delicious, especially if you're sensitive to gluten.

Yes, I made all edges in my tiny pan, and yes I took a bite before taking the picture... Oops.

This Pumpkin Bread Blog is posted to my Fall Bucket List 2022

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