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Travel & Health Update - November 2022

Unfortunately, my original endocrine doctor had gone on vacation right after seeing me, and upon his return he seemed as if he was not as interested in my case. He completely forgot what medications he had prescribed to me (scary!), and told me that my test results were something he has never seen before, but then told me basically that even though my test results were "odd" that he didn't know how to help me further, and maybe see a nutritionist...if he had bothered to looked at my medical chart he would see that I've already been seeing a nutritionist at Mayo.

Thankfully, I was sent to a different doctor in endocrinology, Dr. Davidge-Pitts, who specializes in more than just the weight aspect, but overall hormonal balance. She was very knowledgeable about PCOS hormonal imbalances in women. We discussed what she felt would help overall, as well as ordered more blood work to test my thyroid further, since she also felt my thyroid and noticed it was enlarged.

I started two medications that hopefully help with some of the symptoms of my PCOS, Spironolactone and Metformin. Both medications are ones I had been on before that I have felt made a difference, but when I switched insurance, they took me off of to start over.

In two weeks, once my medications have been in my system long enough again to see how it's effecting my body, I will go in for more in depth blood tests.

I had a decent amount of time with no symptoms, but suddenly started having hot flashes again, my body temperature and circadian rhythm have been out of whack, I was super cold during the day even when our room was 70 degrees, I was shivering and needed a blanket, but at night when we turned down the heat, and turn on the air to 64 degrees, I would be sweating and waking up with wet hair.

I have also been experiencing some twitching in my eye, I've had a stye in the corner for years that never bothered me, but now with the eye twitching I'm noticing it more, and it's starting to hurt when I wash my face or there is any sort of pressure on it.

I luckily was able to get a same day appointment in dermatology due to the pain, where they decided the best option would be to surgically remove it. I was able to have the procedure done right then and there.

They marked the area of the eye where the stye was located, had their team take photos beforehand, and then injected near my eye with lidocaine. Once the lidocaine kicked in and I was numb, the surgeon used tweezers to lift the stye away from the rest of my skin in order to cut underneath is with surgical scissors. They will be sending off the stye to pathology for a biopsy to ensure there was nothing deeper since it has been there for so long. After they removed it, they cauterized the area, and luckily was able to leave with little bruising, and no bandaging.

I'm glad that I have had the opportunity to have all of my health concerns addressed, and hopefully have more answers for the Chronic issues before we leave, because....

YES! Chris and I are finally leaving Minnesota, and will be onto the next place.

We only have two more weeks here, so I have very little time left to share with all of you everything we experienced since we have been here!


Stay tuned to see where we are off to next!



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