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Travel Curation

Tailor-made experiences that reflect your individual tastes and preferences. From selecting exquisite accommodations to arranging exclusive culinary experiences, wine tastings, and other activities, every detail of your journey is thoughtfully crafted to surpass your expectations.


Global Networking

As a counterpart of the esteemed host-agency, Fora, H.E.R Travel offers you a world of possibilities, seamlessly blending expertise, innovation, and personalized service without all of the extra fees.


Exclusive Perks

Room Upgrades

Breakfast for Two

Resort Credit

Extended Check-in/out Services

Welcome Amenities

and more...

(Partner Properties Only)


My name is Devyn Evrist Rice,

In February 2022, I  sold my California home, and left my job as a purchasing agent for a well-known healthcare facility, and started living on the road with my husband Christopher, who travels the country working in Wind Energy.

Long gone are the days of waiting all year for one week of freedom. Like many people I know, I have made travel a natural part of my life. 

I started H.E.R Industries with the goal of inspiring others to think outside the box, pursue the things in life that make them genuinely happy, and to travel in a way that is both thrilling and meaningful for them and their own families. 

My Blog, Adventures Of A Traveling Wife is intended to tell our story; to have you join us along our travels around the U.S, and the world. 

H.E.R Travel is intended to make travel more simple, taking away the headache of research and booking, and allowing me to make your trip that much more special in any way that I can.

Thank you for being here, I look forward to serving you.

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“Proud to be Devyn's very first client both on and off the books. She has always had a knack for travel and loved browsing what each location had to offer. When she started thinking about becoming a Travel Advisor she reached out and asked if I  was planning anything, and I had to take the bait. She planned me a lavish trip to Washington State filled with wine tasting, oyster bars, and plenty of day trips. She took the time to get to know exactly what I love and enjoy and I    saw every bit of that in the trip that she planned me. When she officially announced that she had become a Certified Travel Advisor, I knew it was time for another trip.  She has already planned and booked my next getaway to Carmel-by-the-Sea with an intimate tasting at Holman Ranch's Hacienda. While we are still working out the rest of my itinerary, I    am more than excited with how easy she has made all of it. Trust me when I tell you, I am not the easiest to book for"

Alan Ayers, CA


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